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Please find the current announced and general job opportunities below. The announced positions will be treated according to the indicated deadlines, the general applications will be reviewed regularly.

Also, please note our request to collect all your application documents (Cover letter, CV, academic records, etc) into one file for upload. 

We are seeking a highly skilled and motivated candidate for participating in all aspects of our business from the Stavanger office. The right candidate will have a great opportunity for professional development and become a core member of our NCS team.

Rystad Energy is seeking an ambitious and motivated candidate who will lead our initiative to establish Rystad Energy as a leading, independent provider of company research within the oil, gas and energy domain.

Rystad Energy is seeking an analytical and independent business intelligence analyst to join our Analyst Team.

We welcome general applications in the following areas: Project management, consulting, analysis, business development, sales & marketing and database administration and system development.