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Gullkronen 2017

Rystad Energy's own Gullkronen awards companies, teams or people, who have shown outstanding achievements on the NCS during the previous year.

Gullkronen 2017 took place on Wednesday, 01 February 2017 at Wallmans Oslo.

Eight prizes were awarded - four for E&P achievements, three for the Oil Service sector and an "Honour Award".

For the Gullkronen 2017 winners, jury’s reasonings and winners' images click here.

The jury consisted of industry and Rystad Energy representatives.



Explorer of the Year
Nominees: Aker BP, ENGIE E&P Norge, Faroe Petroleum, Total E&P Norge

Winner: Faroe Petroleum

Business Developer of the Year
Nominees: Aker BP, Faroe Petroleum, Lundin, Statoil

Winner: Aker BP

Project Developer of the Year
Nominees: Aker BP (Ivar Aasen), Statoil (Gina Krog), Statoil (Johan Sverdrup), Wintershall (Maria)

Winner: Aker BP (Ivar Aasen)

Field Operator of the Year
Nominees: ExxonMobil (Balder), Statoil (Heidrun), Statoil (Oseberg), Wintershall (Brage)

Winner: Statoil (Heidrun)

New Venture of the Year
Nominees: HydraWell Intervention, Red Rock, Resoptima, Vision iO

Winner: HydraWell Intervention

Globetrotter of the Year
Nominees: Calora Subsea, Petroleum Technology Company, RESMAN, Wellcem

Winner: Petroleum Technology Company

Business Success of the Year
Nominees: ABB Norway, Aibel, Odfjell Drilling

Winner: Odfjell Drilling

The Honour Award of the Year was given out to Farouk Al-Kasim

The jury consists of industry and Rystad Energy representatives.




Media Kit:

Gullkronen 2017 Press Release: Announcement of Winners
Gullkronen 2017 Winner's pictures and jury's reasonings

Gullkronen 2017 Press Release: Announcement of Nominees

Gullkronen 2017 Press Release: Announcement of Winners

Gullkronen 2017 Nominees Advertisement
(published in Dagens Næringsliv, 29 Jan 2017)

Gullkronen 2017 Winners Advertisement
(published in Dagens Næringsliv, 2 Feb 2017)


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