This internship will be responsible for supporting the Americas Sales team focused on the financial sector. The goal will be to provide greater visibility into the types of institutions that Business Development Managers can engage for future growth of accounts.  The core responsibility of this internship is to provide all key metrics and insight needed to review leading indicators of investments and strategy and what can be done going forward to support future success for the investor.  Key stakeholders will be Sales and the company’s Management Team.

Task: Assemble target lists of prospective financial sector targets

Groundwork: Working with BDs to understand what matters most

  • For each market assessment exercise the BDs that will use the prospect list will need to spend some time outlining the types of information they feel would be most useful for the campaign. Though there will be a common structure, each campaign will be somewhat unique with data to be collected that might be unique to the task or target market.
  • The intern will be responsible for collecting this feedback, building out the Excel documents, and reviewing it with the appropriate BDs before working to fill it out.

Process: Data collection and analysis

  • The intern will research external and internal resources, to identify the biggest investors in targeted markets. Data points to be captured would include, but are not limited to
    • Current position
    • Evolution of that position over the last 12 quarters
    • How does this position fits into their portfolio
    • External communication from those investors as to what they think about the company and/or sector (i.e. are they phasing out of O&G)
    • Identify key contacts

Present: Classification and ranking of prospects

  • Guided by BDs, establish a way to rank the investor lists to create a scoring system ensuring the “best” targets are approached first.
  • The intern will then present their findings to the relevant BDs with a focus on Tier 1 targets which they will need to be prepared to answer questions about.
  • A final deliverable of a quick reference factsheet for each Tier 1 company will also be part of this task.

Prepare: Readying the campaign

  • The intern will participate in all aspects of planning a roadshow, with a focus on the scheduling and marketing components.
  • Though the BDs will be the ultimate responsible for ensuring there is a full calendar of meeting, the intern will be placed in a position to coordinate the invitation and scheduling process.

Execute: Participate in one or more Tier 1 meetings

  • The roadshows themselves will likely take place after the intern is gone, but there will likely be a handful of companies that will be targeted immediately.
  • The relevant BDs will look to schedule those meetings before the conclusion of their term and bring the intern along to demonstrate how much goes into business development and set them up with a full circle approach to sales in their career.


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