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How we work

Project Managers

Project Managers lead and manage client projects and teams of younger and senior consultants. Work duties include data research, data analysis and evaluation, developing presentations, and client liaison. Projects can be of national or international scope. Candidates must have the ability to rapidly acquire and draw conclusions from relevant information, whereby economical and commercial principles are required to be thoroughly understood. It is important to have excellent written and oral English language skills. Candidates should have work experience of more than four years, preferably from consulting within the oil and gas or oil service industry.


Consultants work with strategy projects. Work duties include data research, analysis of data, synthesis, recognizing strategic implications, developing presentations, and presenting results to clients. Candidates must have a systematic mind and enjoy working out strategies for companies. Technical or business competency at university level is required and so is a sense of handling numbers and large amounts of information.


Analysts engage in data research to keep our databases up-to-date, company analyses and valuation, business data and contributions in consulting projects. Tasks include data research, collecting and analyzing input from our data scouting teams, support our database clients, and ensuring the forecast model is up-to-date, correct, and complete. Excel is an important working tool. Candidates must have a technical/economical background and a mathematical mind, candidates with academic degrees with petroleum engineering and geology would be preferred. Candidates with proven programming skills and/or experience in web crawling or SQL applications would also be considered within the Analyst Team.

The analyst position gives a broad experience into E&P industry, with challenging opportunities and high degree of responsibility.

Business Development Managers /Sales

Business Development Managers are primarily responsible for the sales of Rystad Energy's upstream databases in their given focus markets. Main sales targets are oil and gas companies, investment banks and oil service companies. Sales of vital business data through database subscriptions is relation-based sales, where long-term relationship and cooperation with users are established.

Database Administrators / System Developers

The technology team is responsible for organizing and making our databases available. Tasks include maintenance and development of our databases, programming of applications for external use of data and internal data processing tools, and general IT support and responsibilities. The databases are implemented on an MSSQL-server, and applications are programmed in C#. Candidates must have experience in programming and setting up servers and applications. Mathematical skills are appreciated.