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Our executive management team has years of solid industry expertise, having held positions in Venture Capital, Engineering, R&D and Management Consulting. We believe in a hands-on management approach which means that you are equally likely to find any of these seniors deeply buried in Excel modeling as you are to find them lecturing and guiding our employees. As such, the entire group also serves as key pools of industry knowledge, something our clients benefit from on a daily basis. We inherently believe in that our employees thrive when given sufficient freedom and ownership over their tasks: Our job is to energize and to care.


Jarand Rystad Photo

Jarand Rystad

Lars Eirik Nicolaisen Photo

Lars Eirik Nicolaisen

Senior Partner & Deputy CEO
Per Magnus Nysveen Photo

Per Magnus Nysveen

Senior Partner & Head of Analysis
Arne Gulbrandsen Photo

Arne Gulbrandsen

Senior Partner & CCO
Erik Wold Photo

Erik Wold

Senior Partner & Head of Technology
Erik Holm Reiso Photo

Erik Holm Reiso

Senior Partner & Head of Consulting
Jan Byrkjeland Photo

Jan Byrkjeland

Senior Partner & Head of Consulting EMEA
Matthew Watson Photo

Matthew Watson

Partner & Head of Sales
Amar Dash Photo

Amar Dash

Violeta Zoric Photo

Violeta Zoric

Head of HR
Bielenis Villanueva Triana Photo

Bielenis Villanueva Triana

Partner & Head of Client Analyst Team
Nils-Henrik Bjurstrøm Photo

Nils-Henrik Bjurstrøm

Head of Product Portfolio

Regional Managers

Matthew Watson Photo

Matthew Watson

Partner & Head of EMEA
Nick Livingstone Photo

Nick Livingstone

Partner & Head of Americas
Vijay Krishnan Photo

Vijay Krishnan

Partner & Head of Asia Pacific