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Audun Martinsen

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Audun Martinsen

Partner & Head of Energy Service Research
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Audun M. Martinsen is Partner and Head of Energy Service research at Rystad Energy. He is managing the energy service research team as well as being the Product Manager for the supply chain databases ServiceCube. His fields of expertise include the global offshore and onshore energy service market, cost analysis and supply and demand studies. He holds a Master of Science in Marine Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and University of Berkeley, California, and an Executive Master of Management Program within finance from BI.  He has broad experience within the energy industry and supply chain with previous engagements at Coriolis, Shell and BW Offshore where he has worked as a lead engineer, product developer, system consultant and analyst.


1. Are you a morning or evening person, and how does this affect your work at Rystad Energy?

I am a morning person. I like to arrive at work early on and update myself with the latest news about the oil and gas industry. Monitoring closely oilfield service companies and their expected market development is crucial to add values to our clients in the industry.

2. How do you work with the different departments at Rystad Energy?

Rystad Energy is an incredibly efficient and flat organization where you work closely across different departments. One day, I spend a day improving detailed statistical algorithms that is the basis for our databases with our Tech Department. On another day I find myself collaborating closely with Sales and Marketing to commercialize our recently research materials. Then on the next day, I deliver a presentation to the Board of Directors about various impacts on the oilfield service industry together with our Consulting team. No day is the same and that is what makes the work interesting here.

3. Why should people work for Rystad Energy?

Rystad Energy is a perfect for highly motivated and skilled individuals with an entrepreneurial and creative mind. If you want great exposure and a steep learning curve of the oil and gas industry, this is the place for you. The company offers great career development opportunities that allow you to gain in-depth knowledge and work closely with top management in the industry.

4. When you are not working for Rystad Energy, what do you do?

I enjoy being outdoor by going for a long and fast run in the forest in the summer, or skiing down the slopes in the winter.