Bielenis is a Senior Analyst with focus on shale asset valuation. She is also project manager for North American Shale, with five years of experience in forecasting production, reserves and economics of shale assets globally. Bielenis holds a M.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Oklahoma, USA, which included two years of experience in simulation of reservoir performance.

1. What do you enjoy most at Rystad Energy?

The work here is never boring. Not a single day passes by without energetic tasks or discussions. It is challenging yet exciting and there is always something new for me to learn.

2. What has your greatest achievement been at Rystad Energy?

My proudest achievements have been representing the company in events and presenting our comprehensive analyses on North American Shale and global assets in three continents.

3. What experience did you bring to Rystad Energy?

At the time of hiring, I was the only Petroleum Engineer in the company. I am happy that I was able to contribute my understanding of reservoir behavior to develop models and analyze production data.

4. Describe the culture at Rystad Energy.

It is a young, international, energetic, flexible and dynamic work environment. The company is still growing so things are constantly changing and it is exciting to be a part of it.

5. Why should people work for Rystad Energy?

Because there is exciting growth opportunity for Rystad Energy and you can play a role in expanding the company further.

Bielenis Villanueva Triana
Global Lead Client Analyst

Mobile: +47 48 10 87 55