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Bimbola Kolawole

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Bimbola Kolawole

Senior Business Development Manager, Africa
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Bimbola Kolawole is Senior Business Development Manager - Africa at Rystad Energy. Her area of expertise includes business strategy, relationship management, business development, training and support as well as project coordination. Previously, Bimbola worked at IHS Markit where she was responsible for managing selected clients across the Oil & Gas space value chain in the EMEA region. She holds a BSc. in Economics from Ilorin University, a Data Science Post Graduate Diploma from McCombs School of Business - Texas McCombs, an MSc. in Energy Finance from Centre for Energy Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP), and an MBA from Leicester University.

1. How was your first day at Rystad Energy?

Almost nostalgic now when I look back – it was such a nice day to meet new people. That is the beauty of Rystad Energy, with over 30 nationalities represented.

2. What is your main role at Rystad Energy?

I am responsible for business development of the African market. Nevertheless, I have been involved in other roles such as supporting clients in the UK with trainings and support since 2014, organizing information sessions in the UK as well as company events and conferences on the African Continent. I also work closely with clients in Africa- this involves travelling to the countries to train and cover new businesses as well, engaging with clients via Web conference, meeting with companies and governmental bodies to promote our databases, research and consulting services.

3. How has your network shaped your position at Rystad Energy?

Being in charge of the Africa region, I know the key to getting business and being successful is to establish strong and credible relationships. It is the very essential method to build confidence in potential clients and that has been my approach since I joined the company in 2012.

4. How does a typical day at Rystad Energy look like?

Extremely busy with starting as early as 7:30 or 8:00 am when I am not travelling on business. There is no typical day. My workday varies from closing a business deal, making a report to conducting a training workshop. What I normally do is to set out specific tasks to focus on each day. My core tasks, however, have always been finding new opportunities for the company and retaining existing clients.

5. When you are not working for Rystad Energy, what do you do?

I spend my time playing golf (at Richmond Park Golf Course or New Malden Drive Range), reading books, networking and public speaking. So far, I have read these following books Social Animal, Petro-Developmental State in Africa: Making oil work in Angola and Nigeria and the Gulf of Guinea, Stand & Deliver, and Capital in 21st Century.