Henrik holds an MSc. in Petroleum Geology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and is currently Senior Vice President - Government Relations at Rystad Energy. He has more than 25 years of experience in the E&P and oilfield service industry and has worked as a consultant for 15 years in the E&P industry, assessing geological and economic uncertainties. Since 2005, Henrik has held several senior management positions at different companies such as Roxar (Emerson), Schlumberger and Rystad Energy.

1. What do you enjoy most at Rystad Energy?

Being an employee in Rystad Energy leaves you with great possibilities to develop your oil and gas knowledge. The unique blend of enthusiastic and skilled colleagues and high quality global databases creates a splendid possibility to share our knowledge with our clients. I have always enjoyed doing a mix of analysis and assessments and working directly with our existing and potential clients.

2. Describe the culture at Rystad Energy.

The culture in the company very much reflects the ‘can do’ attitude. Here you receive a lot of responsibility as well as trust and support. The oil and gas industry is extremely international, and real success comes through the company’s ability to reach out globally. Rystad Energy has a true international focus in terms of people, presence and world class products. Nevertheless, I still see a great potential to expand further on what we have achieved so far.

3. Why should people work for Rystad Energy?

Working with crucial high quality data on the E&P and the oilfield service industry, from very detailed asset level up to aggregated global levels, leaves you with a unique opportunity to create powerful analysis for decision makers. This applies to both the industry and governmental institutions. That is what makes it attractive to work here. If you have a strategic mindset and would like to gain exposure to the oil and gas industry, this is the place for you.

4. Where is Rystad Energy heading?

Rystad Energy is as a fast moving and ever expanding company even amid the industry’s downturn. The company invests in the future, by constantly employing new, brave, smart and skilled people. The employees here and their skills are trusted to be the foundation for future growth and expansion. The company constantly focuses on quality to ensure true international success.

Henrik Poulsen
Senior Vice President, Government Relations

Mobile: +47 91 39 83 45