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Jon Marsh Duesund

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Jon Marsh Duesund

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Jon Marsh Duesund has been with Rystad Energy since 2009 and has lead multiple projects assessing topics such as transaction due diligence, subsea markets, technology validation, oil and gas activity in arctic regions and more. He was also involved in the creation of the North American Shale Report and subsequent products which track the activity in unconventional oil and gas across United States and Canada. Jon holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Economics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, with specialization in operations research and process technology, including a graduate exchange program at UC Berkeley.

1. How was your first day at Rystad Energy?

Chaotic, Jarand wanted me to work on 3 projects at once, with the first one to be delivered in two days!

2. What is your main role at Rystad Energy?

Managing consulting projects, leading day-to-day activities and coordinating between the client, partners and team members.

3. What do you enjoy most at Rystad Energy?

The people working here, the diverse range of projects and the pragmatic attitude and positivity, i.e. not bureaucratic.

4. Describe the culture at Rystad Energy!

Pragmatic, Positive, Creative and Informal.

5. Where is Rystad Energy heading?

Global domination within the oil and gas data space.