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Saad Khalid Kaul

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Saad Khalid Kaul

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Saad is an experienced professional who was previously working as a Senior Business Intelligence Developer at Rystad Energy. He also worked on several projects including a cost estimation system to facilitate bidding for construction contracts. Saad has experience in different programming technologies from VB6 to C#, from SQL Server to Analysis services, from Crystal reports to Reporting services, and holds a Master’s degree in Computer sciences from University of Punjab, Pakistan.

1. What is your main role at Rystad Energy?

My main role is to ensure that data factory is running all the time as efficiently as possible. Data factory involves combining data provided by our analysts with complex model results and presenting them in the form of a cube, which is the tool we provide to our clients.

2. How do you approach managing your team?

We have detailed backlog tasks and have a system, which we go through the backlog, and based on priorities we plan tasks for next two weeks. Those planned tasks are then distributed among team members based on availability and knowledge. We always try to learn new things and encourage each other to implement the best solution possible.

3. What do you enjoy most at Rystad Energy?

To work with people from all around the world is a great opportunity. It is always fun to see a combination of so many diverse cultures. From a professional point of view, I love that I am free to explore and implement good ideas in the best technical way possible. I look forward to a new day at work when I get out of the bed in the morning.

4. What experience did you bring to Rystad Energy?

I have a lot of experience working with database systems. This involves writing efficient code and making smart structures for retrieving and storing of data. I also have experience with front-end application development, such as how to make valuable data available to users.

5. How have you progressed at Rystad Energy?

Since I started working at Rystad Energy, I have enhanced my database programming skills substantially. People always come with very interesting requirements and to provide them with a good solution is always a key learning aspect of my work. I have also learned a lot about Business Intelligence solutions, for example, how to present the data to accommodate for quick and easy analysis.