Sonia Mladá Passos is a Senior Analyst at Rystad Energy. Her main responsibility is the analysis of upstream E&P activities in North America, with a specific focus on shale asset modeling. She is the project manager for the monthly North American Shale Report, published by Rystad Energy. In addition, she is responsible for analyzing the global discoveries and estimating the recoverable resources. Sona holds a degree from the University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia, including a graduate exchange program at Universidad de Granada, Spain.

1. What do you enjoy most at Rystad Energy?

The thing I enjoy most about working at Rystad is the diversity – both in terms of the work tasks and in terms of people I work within the company. The working days are never the same, we are often challenged with new tasks that make us look at different topics from a new perspective and think “outside the box”. This is great for our learning curve and it is highly motivating too. At the same time, Rystad is a very international company, so I have the privilege to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds which is truly an enriching experience.

2. What has your greatest achievement been at Rystad Energy?

I do not have a background from the petroleum industry (I studied Economics), so basically everything I know about oil & gas now – I learned at Rystad Energy. Therefore, one of the most important achievements for me is the knowledge I was able to build along the years of working for Rystad, especially in the area of North American Shale and global conventional discoveries. It is thanks to this knowledge that I now often am asked to hold presentations in front of large audiences and write articles to important upstream magazines – and in my view, each of these things is a small achievement that helps the personal profiling.

3. Are you a morning or evening person, and how does this affect your work at Rystad Energy?

I am an early bird, which actually is beneficial for me when it comes to working at Rystad. A lot of people arrive in the office around 9am, so the time between 8am and 9am is typically very quiet and perfect for concentration.

4. When you are not working for Rystad Energy, what do you do?

I consider myself a very active person and I fill up my evenings and weekends with many different activities. I like going for long walks in the beautiful Norwegian nature, and I practice several sports. I also adore cooking and use my creativity to make my own recipes. And last but not least, I am very passionate about painting.

Sonia Mladá Passos
Senior Analyst

Mobile: +47 90 20 16 45