Project-Specific Databases

For many projects Rystad Energy has developed new databases targeting specific markets or industry information. These are extensively used for matters of project analysis. As such, reports generally include extracts from our databases - usually at aggregated levels.

In some cases these databases may be made available to clients who want to deep dive into the richness of underlying data for extended understanding and analysis.

Feedback from current users, who have gained extensive knowledge on their markets via project reports, suggests the project cubes to be of great added value. Project cubes are utilized as operational tools by looking into what actual projects are coming on stream as well as where and who the operators are.

Project cubes are also integrated as a strategy tool as they are utilized for plans on when, how, and which markets to approach based on a broader understanding of trends. They become a vital tool to pursue strategic implications of market reports.

Project cubes are made available through our Cube Browser system and show the same functionality as our commercial cubes.

Client-Specific Databases

The Cube Browser system is a flexible technology platform that can interface any OLAP cubes. Thus, it can be used as an analysis tool for the client's own data.

The technology platform provides:

  • A versatile, easy-to-use, efficient, and professional tool for analysis of data and report generation
  • Access control - user authentication; different users get access to different parts of data or to different databases
  • User administration - create and delete users, issue license keys, and set user rights
  • System monitoring - server load, current users, and user activity
  • Worldwide access - internal data can be accessed wherever an Internet connection is available
  • Encrypted communication with four protocols implemented, including SSL
  • Tools to organize database variables
  • Tool tips

Rystad Energy also organizes or reorganizes client data on currently installed systems. As such, these systems are better suited to analysis needs.