Global energy supply/demand and future energy mix

A global industrial player using gas as part of its feedstock wanted to understand the global gas market and its demand drivers. As such, it was key to understand the outlook for gas in power demand versus other sources. The example shows power generation by source in the US. 

Renewables to soar, gas competes against coal for market share

A government organization intent on creating new jobs within the renewables sector wanted to understand the potential of the different sources globally, but especially in the US. The example shows the recent capacity additions from the key renewable energy sources.

Wind and solar power have surpassed hydroelectricity

Carbon footprint and co2 emissions scenarios

An independent E&P company wanted to understand its carbon risk and therefore needed to understand how much oil and gas production will be available in a two degree scenario (as shown) and how the company’s footprint compares to that of its other peers.

Little room for resources from future exploration

An organization representing multiple E&P companies wanted to compare the CO2 footprint of different countries. This was modelled using Rystad Energy’s proprietary data, as shown in the example.

Norway in Top-3 in most rankings

Oil and gas macro analysis and commodity price outlook

A global supply/demand balance for liquids is fundamental to the oil market and represents an important factor in our base case oil price view.

Rystad Energy sees a balanced oil market in 2017

The LNG market is expected to grow in the coming years and an industrial player wanted to understand how this may impact global prices. An oversupply is expected in the coming years that will yield downward pressure on global LNG prices.

Market oversupplied until 2023 with a peak oversupply in 2020

E&P strategy, business development and benchmarking

This analysis was created to support an independent E&P looking to enter a new geography. For the client, it was key to understand all aspects of the different geographies – from resource potential to differences in the regulatory environment.

Assessment of regulatory environment

An E&P company wanted to benchmark its performance in the shale space and have an independent view on how it compared with peers. The example shows performance in the Permian Basin and highlights aspects of the value chain where the different companies excel.

Benchmarking players in the Permian basin

When planning for future projects it is key for E&P companies to understand how the different service costs have developed. This shows a benchmarking of main offshore service cost segments  for an international oil company (IOC).

Costs are likely to rebound if activity picks up

Oil services, equipment and vessel market assessment and strategy

The market downturn has created a distressed situation for a company providing field support services to the North American shale industry. Rystad Energy analyzed the company’s activity drivers and draw up oil-price-based future scenarios for the individual revenue streams. Using this, the company’s operating strategies and business plans were redeveloped.

Key revenue drivers of target company are active drilling rigs and new wells

A leading vessel accommodation owner approached Rystad Energy to support them with market communication. This was achieved through the analysis of key drivers and data. Shown is a high-level description of the fundamentals of the market.

Hook-up/commissioning and modifications drive the demand

A large investment fund wanted to understand macro oil fundamentals and impacts on various oil service segments. The objective of the study was to equip the fund with insights, data and analysis that would enable them to have a high quality deal screening and investment decision process going forward.

2017 may mark the turning point for many segments

Infrastructure, midstream, storage and refinery operations

A leading infrastructure investor was in the early stages of evaluating the potential for placing a bid on a stake in a gas pipeline. Rystad Energy was assigned to provide an independent, fact-based report to assist the investor in the deal process and to analyze volume scenarios on a lifecycle and field-by-field level.

Throughput expected at 10 BCM per year without IOR upside

A major ship owner asked us to provide a long-term demand forecast for crude oil tankers. We calculated yearly crude imports/exports by country and indicated the largest fundamental route changes going forwards – both in terms of volumes and sailing distances – and the likely impact on tanker demand.

Strong demand growth in Asia and production growth in North America

VDD and due diligence/transaction support for investors

Rystad Energy was engaged by a private equity firm in a due diligence process to provide an assessment of the commercial prospects for a target company with global offshore operations. The work was focused around revenue projections for the business including an assessment of the management forecast.

Management budget and ARPU indicate red flags

A private equity fund was in the process of evaluating an investment opportunity and approached Rystad Energy for support in the commercial DD of a well technology company. A driver for the company’s revenue was the number of future wells to be plugged and abandoned in various regions.

North Sea with the largest market potential within P&A