Oil services, equipment and vessel market assessment and strategy

The market downturn has created a distressed situation for a company providing field support services to the North American shale industry. Rystad Energy analyzed the company’s activity drivers and draw up oil-price-based future scenarios for the individual revenue streams. Using this, the company’s operating strategies and business plans were redeveloped.

Key revenue drivers of target company are active drilling rigs and new wells

A leading vessel accommodation owner approached Rystad Energy to support them with market communication. This was achieved through the analysis of key drivers and data. Shown is a high-level description of the fundamentals of the market.

Hook-up/commissioning and modifications drive the demand

A large investment fund wanted to understand macro oil fundamentals and impacts on various oil service segments. The objective of the study was to equip the fund with insights, data and analysis that would enable them to have a high quality deal screening and investment decision process going forward.

2017 may mark the turning point for many segments