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Gas & LNG Markets

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Get unique access to the complete overview of global gas and LNG markets, spanning supply and demand, by country and by sector.

We Provide

We provide a comprehensive overview of supply and country-specific demand in gas and LNG markets, delivered through our database, analytics and advisory services. Our solution will help you to analyze international developments within gas exploration and production, and to identify gas demand drivers.

We Deliver

We deliver field-by-field coverage of global gas supply and demand data, including pipeline and LNG trade flows and natural gas balances, providing detailed insights into import and export data.

We Collaborate

We collaborate with our customers to support their gas market activities. This holistic view of the gas value chain enables us to support clients – from wellhead to consumer – in understanding production, flows, demand and the competitive environment for gas.


Conduct quick and efficient analyses with our fact-based and granular insights of medium to long-term gas market fundamentals.

Features included

  • Production, reserves and resources, and cost of supply split by country, operator and asset
  • Historical and forecasted natural gas demand by sector
  • Natural gas balances including pipeline and LNG trade flows, and LNG contracts with duration and indexation details
  • Liquefaction and regasification capacity and economics
  • Price forecast for global price hubs
  • Yearly data from 1990 to 2040

Enables you to

  • Analyze price developments and supply and demand balances for natural gas and LNG
  • Analyze upstream and LNG production costs and assess the competitiveness of new projects
  • Identify potential investments and acquisitions across the natural gas value chain
  • Identify gas demand drivers and bottlenecks
  • Investigate the need for new LNG contracts on a country or company level and asses LNG players’ portfolio of LNG supply

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Get access to our detailed reports and steady flow of value-adding commentaries, providing unique analysis of supply and demand along with a full overview of international gas and LNG trade balances.

Features included

  • Monthly reports – providing insights on:
    • Recent gas market developments and their impact on the spot market
    • Medium to long-term forecasts of market fundamentals by region
    • LNG developments with an overview of trade and global market balances
    • Project economics covering capex, opex and contract prices
    • Price forecasts for main regional hubs
    • Trends in the renewable energy sector and their impact on gas demand
  • Commentaries – delivering insights on gas and LNG industry trends, an overview of international market developments and analysis of market-moving news.

Enables you to

  • Shape strategic decisions based on our up-to-date and fact-based gas and LNG market overview and price forecasts for main regional hubs
  • Access medium to long-term forecasts of market fundamentals by region
  • Compare projects based on economic indicators
  • Obtain a comprehensive understanding of the impact of industry events on the medium to long-term gas market

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Gas Market Analytics


  • We have experience supporting clients in acquisitions from reservoir to consumer. For upstream fields it is key to understand local gas balances and the long-term price outlook. For midstream infrastructure it is also key to understand the relative competitiveness of different basins and understand how this could affect the flow. Our consultants have provided numerous clients with insights on these topics, assisting them to reach wise investment decisions across key petroleum basins in Europe and North America.  
  • With the emergence of LNG as a traded commodity, the global gas market has opened up. We have supported both buyers and sellers of gas, as well as infrastructure and transportation providers in strategy development in this new environment. Pricing, volatility, volumes and competitiveness of sources have been key topics. 
  • The decline in the cost of renewables, increased energy efficiency and efforts to reduce carbon emissions have all had an impact on the risk of gas assets. We have supported clients in understanding this risk and how it relates to specific assets and portfolios. 
  • For many companies and governments, oil has been the key focus, even if significant value potential lies within the gas portfolio. Through our advisory services, we have supported a range of stakeholders in identifying the value potential of gas resources and provided insights on how this value could be captured through alignment of incentives, optimized fiscal regimes and infrastructure access, among other avenues.