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Gas Market Analytics

What is it?

Our Gas Market Analytics monthly report provides a supply-demand analysis and an overview of international gas and LNG trade balances with insights into field economics and expenditures for liquefaction and re-gasification facilities. The commentaries help readers stay up-to-date on recent developments, while the background data enables clients to implement our views into their own market outlook.

What can I achieve?

Shape strategic decisions based on our up-to-date and fact-based gas and LNG market overview and price forecasts for main regional hubs
Access medium to long-term forecasts of market fundamentals by region
Compare projects based on economic indicators
Obtain a comprehensive understanding of the impact of industry events on the medium to long-term gas market

Who is it for?

Rystad Energy Gas Market Analytics can provide the right content at the required time for executives, senior managers or analysts advising on major strategic decisions. Our reports and commentaries are in high demand among professionals at E&P companies, investment funds, government institutions, utilities and industrial companies.

Reports with the market review

Get an overview of the recent gas market developments and their impact on the spot market.

Reports with the market outlook

Analyze medium to long-term forecasts of market fundamentals by region


Get insights on gas and LNG industry trends, an overview of international market developments, and analysis of market-moving news.

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