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Rystad Energy - Energy Knowledge House

Gas Market Analytics

What is it?

Our analytics coverage includes nearly the entire gas and LNG value chain:

Short, mid-term, and long-term gas and LNG market outlooks

Coal, oil, carbon, fuel switching and power markets

Asset-wise gas and LNG production forecasts

Gas and LNG production, storage, transportation and regasification infrastructure

Country-level supply and demand balances

Regasification project startups and investments

What can I achieve?

 Guide tactical and strategic decisions using our latest data and forecasts

 Follow and understand the drivers behind gas and LNG market movements

Benchmark gas and LNG investments based on critical valuation criteria

Plan for market entry or advocacy efforts with our country regional reports

Who is it for?

Anyone looking for an independent view of the market across short-term/ trading and long-term/ strategic horizons; a pan-functional product catering to:

Executives, traders and originators, commercial operators, and analyst teams. Our analytics work is in high demand among professionals exposed to  the gas and LNG value chain, including E&P companies, financial services and fund managers, government institutions, and utilities and industrial firms.

Reports with the market review

Get an overview of the recent gas market developments and their impact on the spot market.

Reports with the market outlook

Analyze medium to long-term forecasts of market fundamentals by region


Get insights on gas and LNG industry trends, an overview of international market developments, and analysis of market-moving news.

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