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What is it?

GasMarketCube is a highly granular database giving a comprehensive overview of production assets, country-specific demand, international pipeline gas and LNG trade, economic and financial field and infrastructure data, contract data, as well as long-term price forecasts for the main global trading hubs.

What can I achieve?

Obtain a quick and comprehensive overview of a country’s gas situation.

Get detailed asset-by-asset data on natural gas production for every country in the world.

Analyze country-specific demand with a breakdown by sector.

Get an overview of international pipeline & LNG trade.

Make informed decisions based on economic and financial data for fields and infrastructure.

Analyze long term price forecasts for main global trading hubs.

Who is it for?

E&P companies
Midstream players and shipping companies
Investors, funds and Investment banks
Utilities and Industrial Consumers
Governments and governmental agencies
Consulting and advisory firms

Natural gas demand forecasting

Analyze the global supply and demand balances for natural gas and LNG and understand which sectors will be driving the growth in gas demand

Benchmarking costs for global liquefactions projects

Analyze upstream and LNG production costs and assess the competitiveness of new projects

Long-term natural gas price forecasting

Analyze the natural gas price development in the long-term for the main regions

Analyze the LNG balance

Analyze the natural gas balances including pipeline and LNG trade flows

Natural gas supply trends

Get detailed information on natural gas production for every country in the world.

Track LNG project development

Understand how much new liquefication is needed and which projects are expected to move ahead.

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