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LNG Trade Solution

What is it?

LNG Trade Solution provides full visibility on the global LNG market in one easy-to-use platform. This best-in-class analytical tool combines our deep research capabilities with AIS maritime intelligence data to support clients in trading and decision-making.

What can I achieve?

Leverage real-time localized and global AIS data to monitor and track LNG flows

Map LNG trades across the value chain in granular detail, from upstream to regasification

Mitigate risks and aid tactical decision-making based on evolving market events

Who is it for?

LNG traders
Gas and LNG buyers
Finance and commercial analysts
Corporate strategy teams
Shipping companies and terminal operators
Research institutes and governments



Gain accurate, timely comprehension of LNG market dynamics in real-time

Data updated every 8 hours, coverage from 1-Jan-2019 to date

LNG trade flows and events tracked daily per export and import facility 

Assess ship movements, utilization, routes, distance, diversions, speed, duration, ton-miles/ton-days, floating storage and costs

Monitor individual vessel activities, including price-reactive diversions and map market-moving trades

Access crucial insights on fundamentals 

Deep dive into export and import facility volume data from weekly to yearly detail 

Access details on LNG liquefaction/regasification capacity and utilization

Analyze the LNG value chain 

Evaluate operating costs from upstream to regas

Granularity on voyage level 

Compare projects based on economic indicators, including supply and demand and costs 

Mitigate risks by identifying planned and unplanned outages

Identify liquefaction outages per facility

Gain insights on planned/unplanned outages per plant, country and region

Assess lost volume and duration

Find LNG spot and long-term trade opportunities

Review LNG long-term contracts, including pricing and indexation

Trade volumes split by long-term contracts and spot and price differentials

Calculate CO2 emissions across the entire LNG value chain 

Evaluate CO2 emissions, linked and traceable, including carbon offset deals


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