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Oil Market Transition Solution

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Scenarios driven analysis for profitable oil transition strategies

We Provide

We provide a comprehensive view of the latest facts and figures in oil markets, along with projections of monthly oil supply and demand, all delivered through our databases, analytics and advisory services.

We Deliver

We deliver the most complete and granular dataset for monthly oil supply and demand globally. Our field-by-field, grade-by-grade coverage for supply and product-by-product coverage for demand, updated timely and frequently, enables users to quickly analyze and understand supply and demand trends and drill down to the level of granularity of their choosing.

We Collaborate

We collaborate with our customers to provide detailed insights on their key markets. We have a deep understanding of the oil market and can, in a timely manner, analyze a client’s situation and provide bespoke, actionable insights, including a more nuanced view of future oil price and production scenarios.


Make informed strategic, trading and investment decisions and stay on top of the short-term monthly trends to long-term drivers in the oil market.

Features included

  • Supply: Monthly, global field-by-field production, 2013-2025
  • Demand: Monthly, global products demand, historical and forecast, 2010-2050
  • Historical data synthesizing all publicly available information for supply and demand in one place
  • Bottom-up, global forecasts for supply and demand incorporating supply maintenance, seasonality and Covid-19 impacts
  • Weekly updates enabling timely analysis
  • Global products demand coverage across 12 sectors, 19 products and +115 countries

Enables you to

  • Access the most complete and granular dataset for monthly oil supply and demand globally
  • Conduct efficient analysis of facts and forecasts for monthly supply trends by grade, country or region, as well as demand trends by country, product or sector
  • Conduct complete global oil macro analysis along multiple dimensions
  • Compare your own forecast with the best possible synthesis of fundamentals data publicly available
  • Make more informed trading and investment decisions
  • Monitor long-term oil demand scenarios in the Energy Transition

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Get access to our detailed reports and our steady flow of value-adding commentaries, with complete coverage of short and medium-term oil market fundamentals, timely analysis of the global supply and demand picture and the key drivers behind oil price swings.

Features included

  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly reports – providing insights on:
    • Global short-term oil demand with a focus on individual country trends
    • Short-term supply-demand fundamentals, field outages, balances, inventories and positioning of traders, with special segment analysis of US supply fundamentals, including shale
    • Medium-term oil market outlook, with focus on fundamental supply and demand trends as well as upstream trends such as field start-ups, exploration, field decline, reserves and cost-of-supply.
  • Commentaries – delivering our forecast on crude inventories and views on supply volumes affected by current and future field outages, along with market-driven commentaries on current events and selected topics.

Enables you to

  • Receive expert insights based on independent, best in class, fact-based, and bottom-up data
  • Make informed trading/investment decisions
  • Refine your market view from value-adding analysis covering
  • Understand the fundamental impact of events and new market information
  • Improve your general understanding of the market fundamentals
  • Access Rystad Energy’s senior oil market experts

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Oil Market Analytics


  • Our ability to dynamically model oil prices allows us to create bespoke scenarios to stress-test portfolios, projects, fiscal regimes and governments in order to understand their robustness in adverse circumstances. Building on this analysis, we support clients in understanding how they can alleviate the issues identified and create future-proof structures. 
  • Understanding market risk is also a key competency. We support clients in building tools that allow them to take appropriate actions to reduce their short-term or medium-term market risk. 
  • We support clients in understanding the longer-term demand picture for oil and products, and the implications for their business. Using a scenario-based approach, we can detail how, for instance, the rise of electric vehicles, recycling of plastics or changes to travel patterns will affect demand for oil or products, either globally or in a specific region. 
  • Our understanding and work relating to the oil markets often serves as a basis for deep analysis of a wide range of topics, including E&P investment, drilling activity and expected tax revenue.