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Oil Market Transition Solution

What is it?

The Oil Market Transition Solution provides a macro view of the current oil market, likely scenarios as well as drivers and risks affecting market fundamentals. Bringing together data and analytics, our service offers a comprehensive overview of how the oil markets will evolve over the coming decades based on macro factors such as structural trends, policy, investments and geopolitical forces and events.

What can I achieve?

Explore the most complete and granular dataset for medium- to long-term macro oil fundamentals, including a short-term macro outlook

Identify the key drivers of oil market fundamentals to make more informed strategic and planning decisions

Access and understand long-term oil demand scenarios and sensitize key assumptions and drivers

Access and understand long-term supply scenarios, sources, key assumptions and sensitivities to price

Access medium-to-long-term oil price projections and understanding their assumptions

Understand the medium-to-long-term implications for global refining capacity, product imbalances and refining’s role in the oil market and energy transition

Stay up-to-date on short-term macro oil market

Who is it for?

Planners, strategists and budgeters in Energy Companies or oil-price correlated industries

Investors and analysts

Senior Managers and Executives interested in the macro and long-term oil market focus

Fundamental analysts in non-trading companies such as Financials and Energy Companies

Global oil supply analysis

Analyze global oil supply trends built bottom-up by more than 18,000 assets.

Country supply analysis

Analyze each of the 115+ oil-producing countries supply trends across multiple dimensions.

Crude stream analysis

Analyze each of the 710+ individual global crude streams supply and quality trends.

Short-term products’ demand analysis 

Analyze short-term demand trajectories based on real-time satellite and mobility data on a global or regional scale, notably the impacts of COVID-19 ongoing lockdowns

Long-term products' demand scenario analysis

Get access to long-term demand scenarios based on new technologies' adoption rates and governmental climate policies

Forecast change management

We provide full transparency with access to all historically released versions for change management

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