What is it?

OilMarketCube provides monthly field-by-field coverage of global oil supply and demand data. Providing a short-term forecast, our data accounts for the effects of outages, seasonality and policy decisions on field production. Our daily updated data allows our clients to quickly and efficiently analyze monthly supply trends by crude market, country or crude grade.

What can I achieve?

  • Obtain monthly field-by-field production data 
  • Acquire short-term forecasts with effects of outages, seasonality and policy decisions on field production 
  • Get upstream supply and associated oil quality (API/sulfur) of all traded crude grades globally
  • Obtain a historical data coverage and a five-year medium-term supply
  • Get a change management archive of prior database releases

Who is it for?

  • Oil Trading Houses
  • Investors, funds (paper traders)
  • Downstream companies
  • Midstream companies, oil storage and logistics
  • Corporates (hedgers)
  • Oil market analysts
  • Trading arms at E&Ps

Global crude oil and lease condensate production

Using OilMarketCube you can analyze global oil supply, bottom-up and asset by asset

Saudi Arabia offshore crude oil production by asset

With OilMarketCube you can then drill all the way down to asset level to understand the global supply drivers

BFOET upstream production

OilMarketCube allows to analyze global supply by crude stream

Forties Blend production and outage forecast

OilMarketCube provides short-term forecasts with effects of outages, seasonality and policy decisions on field production

Global supply growth quarter-on-quarter by Oil Classification Group

The OilMarketCube provides a holistic view of global supply by aggregating the asset data such as oil classification group

Buzzard production forecast development over time

We provide full transparency with access to all historically released versions for change management