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Oil Transition Analytics

What is it?

Oil Transtion Analytics is a global oil market research service delivering a macro view of the current oil market, likely scenarios as well as drivers and risks affecting market fundamentals.

What can I achieve?


Access a comprehensive overview of how the oil markets will evolve over the coming decades based on macro factors such as structural trends, policy, investments and geopolitical forces and events.

Who is it for?

• Planners, strategists and budgeters in Energy Companies or oil-price correlated industries

• Investors and analysts

• Senior Managers and Executives interested in the macro and long-term oil market focus

• Fundamental analysts in non-trading companies such as Financials and Energy Companies

Market view and crude price estimates

Oil Market Analytics provides the overview of the historical prices, latest futures curves and the medium-term oil price estimates.

Oil demand impact

Oil Market Analytics provides the analysis of oil demand impact in aviation, ground transportation and road fuels, as oil products

Supply-demand balances

We provide a comprehensive short- and medium-term supply-demand fundamentals analysis

Medium-term supply outlook

Oil Market Analytics provides oil production forecast

Oil Demand Analysis Dashboard

Oil Market Analytics provides detailed background data delivered through dashboards

Access to weekly commentaries

Weekly commentaries on supply-demand balances and price outlook.
Market-driven commentaries written by expert analysts on relevant market topics, such as supply developments, upstream outages, downstream and refining trends, trade flows and macro events 


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