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Oil Trading Analysis Solution

What is it?

The Oil Trading Analysis Solution is our new tailored offering bringing high frequency short-term data coverage of the market by integrating the Oil Supply, Oil Demand, real-time Oil Demand with Downstream and Refining analysis in one consistent solution. Built by industry leading experts and analysts our new service leverages the best practices on research, modeling and analysis across the entire energy spectrum. 

What can I achieve?

Buil best-in-class supply and demand balances

Deduct clear signals & signposts on the global refinery market, based on unsolved imbalances and bring the ‘so what’ needed to your trading team

Compare your own forecast with the best possible synthesis of fundamentals data publicly available

Construct trading ideas and allocate exposure along the futures curve

Access in one solution our legacy data on oil supply, oil demand, real-time oil demand and our new downstream analysis on refinery operations, crudes, products and balances

Who is it for?

Specifically tailored for the needs of Oil Trading Analysts and Oil Traders

Oil Demand Analysis

Short-term growth changes in key products and call-on-refining by country, real-time demand impact of disruptions (eg. COVID-19), revision analysis, regional shifts in demand (input to regional product imbalances), demand scenario analysis


Oil Supply Analysis

Global grade and field-level supply forecast revisions, shifts in regional supply availability, unplanned outages/event impact on grade production, planned maintenance  analysis, impact of field start-ups on supply availability


Refinery Signals Analysis

Regional imbalances/emerging stress in the crude balances, trade flow shifts

Refinery Capacity Analysis

Disruptions and structural shifts in crude demand, flows, call on closures, new projects, shifts towards bio/renewable fuels


Global Crude Trading Signals

Quality and Trade flow changes, pace of trading, call on imports and exports


Refinery Margins Analysis

Financial performance, Marginal crude processing, Forward crude buying, crude price ceiling/floor, Call on OSPs, crude diet changes, sweet/sour differentials

Our Refinery Margin modeling work is performed using the best in industry LP modeling technology from AspenTech. The Aspen Unified PIMS provides a flow sheet based modeling with all process sub models and related data.

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