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Rystad Energy - Energy Knowledge House

Oil Trading Analytics

What is it?

In-depth analysis on ‘so what’ for markets provided through Trade Alerts, Commentaries and Reports

What can I achieve?

Understand the changing dynamics in oil supply & demand, refining and marketing value chain around the world

Assess the impact of other market shocks (earthquakes, conflicts, hurricanes) on oil supply & demand

Develop trading strategies based on market drivers monitoring, fundamental research and analytics that leads to actionable trading activity

Who is it for?

This is a dedicated service built for the specific workflows of Oil Trading Analysts and Oil Traders

Oil Market Balances 


Oil Demand

A monthly report covering our latest view on short- and medium-term global oil demand

Weather Impact

A weekly report that tracks and models weather forecasting and estimates the impact on the current and next week in the heating sector across key demand regions

Refinery Capacity and Outages Signals

A report that provides early trading signals emerging for changes in refinery capacities and outages. The signals cover the impact on refinery runs, diets, margins and product yields. This analysis will provide probabilistic views on capacities and outages using various other connected data items. 

Refinery Margins Signals Report (Asia)

A report that deep dives into Asian refinery margins and markets and looks at how market signals will affect incremental refinery runs and crude oil import choices in the months ahead

Global Refinery Signals

This report provides a detailed outlook of the signals and drivers in global refinery crude runs. Key signals point out the unsolved imbalance emerging in refinery throughputs across the regions and what it implies for oil markets


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