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Corporate Strategy for Energy Companies  

We provide corporate strategy advice to top management of E&Ps and service companies globally – ranging in size from the largest global heavyweights to small and nimble start-ups. As the future is inherently and increasingly challenging to predict, we employ a scenario-based approach to provide to-the-point strategic advice.  

Each company has its own set of risks and opportunities. It also has a specific set of competencies, competitive advantages, a geographical spread and network. Meanwhile, industry outlooks are changing quickly, with new markets and growth segments challenging existing products and services. Furthermore, as energy investors are focusing on ESG, lower risk and shorter payback times, the oil and gas industry is facing capital access challenges. 

In light of all this, and given the prevailing competitive landscape, is your company fit for purpose to meet the future? Does it have the correct focus, size and capital available to be a winner? Is there a game plan to increase shareholder value?


Examples of questions that typically arise in strategy reports within Energy Transition include: 

  • How are companies throughout the energy value chain positioning themselves  for the transition? 
  • What are the strategic options and how should your company balance risk-reward? 
  • How should companies evaluate the value of their current position – in terms of competence, finances, geographical presence, etc. – in their search for a new identity? 

For an E&P company, specific relevant topics may be: 

  • Should we stop exploring? Divest tail-end fields? Invest in shale? 
  • Review of competitive landscape and peers 
  • Monitor diversification options – should we enter new markets or are they irrelevant? 
  • Acquisition screening 

For a service company, specific relevant topics may include: 

  • Should we diversify into the renewable energy sector? 
  • Review of competitive service company strategies 
  • Cost optimization measures and suggestions for new products and service offerings 
  • Synergies and economies of scale between current and new business model