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Energy Transition Risk

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Quantifiable Energy Transition Risk Assessment 

We have developed methods to quantify energy transition risk across energy producers and energy service companies, utilizing our bottom-up approach to decompose transition risk down to single asset, products and services lines. 

We focus on value at risk, utilizing our asset-based valuation framework to run alternative future scenarios on energy demand, energy prices and emission costs. We see that value at risk is highly asset specific, reflecting different cost and revenue structures. Attempts to generalize across industries and sectors will inevitably fall short, as the value composition is highly heterogeneous.  

We support companies in developing robust risk reducing strategies and in disclosing transition risk to investors and other stakeholders in the public domain.


  • Quantify and benchmark value at risk consistently across energy companies and peers 
  • Support companies and investors on implementing recommendations from the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) 
  • Develop future robust business strategies, taking into account transition risk factors, to enable robust performance across a wide range of scenarios of how the energy mix evolves 
  • Operational and portfolio adjustment to reduce transition risk