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Future Energy Systems

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How do changes in energy policy, markets and technology impact your company, sector or country? 

The energy transition impacts all of us, but in different ways. We support our clients in understanding future energy systems on a global, regional and local basis. How do changes in energy-related policies, markets and technology impact your business, sector or country? What are the key drivers and uncertainties you need to understand and monitor?  

Increased electrification of end use and more intermittent renewables requires adjusted energy systems, including more flexible demand, transfer and storage of energy. Still, molecules will remain the backbone of our energy end use for decades to come. Today these molecules are primarily of fossil origin (oil, natural gas and coal), but will see increased competition from biofuels and an evolving mix of low carbon fuels. 

Timing is key: while being ahead of the curve could be costly, options don't last forever.


  • Support businesses, governments, financial players and others in making resilient strategies across future energy scenarios 
  • Determine and analyze key drivers and uncertainties surrounding the energy transition, of local or global nature 
  • Our advisory services are spread across 15+ offices globally, providing deep local insights and strong industry networks 
  • Cost and carbon efficiency of alternative energy sources and carriers is key when policy makers are to find cost efficient ways to reduce carbon emission from energy