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EmissionsCube North West Europe (NWE)

What is it?

EmissionsCube NorthWest Europe (NWE) offers upstream emission overviews field-by-field in a consistent manner. It is a flexible and easy to use database, allowing our clients to dig deep into asset performance across the UKCS, NCS and DCS. It offers historical overviews of emissions as well as forecasts, and is the ideal tool for detailed emission performance analysis.

What can I achieve?

The EmissionsCube database is ideal for:

Benchmarking carbon performance of peer fields
Assessing emission impact of M&A
Gaining insights into emission drivers of portfolios and companies
Assessments of carbon risk
Company CO2 screening

Who is it for?

The database is built to support:

The financial market (investors, investment banking, equity research, M&A)
Insurance companies
Consulting & Advisory services
Oil Service companies
Governments and governmental agencies

Understand field emissions

Get field/hub key parameters, emissions breakdown and intensity benchmarking in addition to ownership and production overviews

Benchmark relevant peer groups

Select a relevant peer group of assets based on field type, production volumes, facility setup, maturity and other categories to gain insight into differences of individual field performance

Break down emissions by operator/company

Locate the assets driving emission performance, get emission forecasts and impact of abatement options like power from shore.

Get historical emissions and forecast on asset level

See how emissions have developed over time, and get estimates for performance going forward

Analyze impact of M&A

Examine the impact on portfolios of acquisitions or mergers, for both companies as a whole and individual assets

Benchmark operators and companies

Compare performance of operators and companies in countries or basins for both extraction and flaring emissions

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