Shale Upstream Analytics

What is it?

With Shale Upstream Analytics our clients gain a timely and comprehensive overview of the latest developments and forecasts within the shale sector, including productivity metrics for drilling, completion, fracking, well productivity and well economics, the shale financing with a focus on capital structure and company hedging. Our frequent commentaries provide invaluable analysis of the selected topics.

What can I achieve?

  • Detailed productivity metrics for drilling, completion and fracking markets, well productivity and well economics  
  • Short and medium-term projections of production, spending and valuation metrics 
  • Shale financing overview, incl. capital structure and company hedging 
  • Geology, play prospectivity and acreage maps 
  • Historical company performance and forecasts 

Who is it for?

Shale Upstream Analytics offer indispensable insights through our reports and commentaries for executives, senior managers or analysts seeking enhanced analysis of the shale oil and gas market, improved peer group benchmarking or guidance on important investment decisions.

Deep dove report into optimal well spacing - one of the major topics of debate in the development of unconventional oil plays.

Shale Upstream Analytics provides reports and deep dives into specific topics such as The Permian spacing report takes a deep-dive into well spacing, performance benchmarking, and the economic impact of well density in the Permian Basin

US oil production outlook

Shale Upstream Analytics provides short and medium-term projections of production, spending and valuation metrics

US oil product outlook background data

Shale Upstream Analytics delivers background data to projections reflected in the report