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Upstream Economic Model

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We Provide

A tool allowing you to overwrite, adjust and analyze production, cash flow, and valuations for all E&P assets and portfolios. Create your own sensitivity analysis or regional tax regimes. Combine your data and internal assumptions with ours to benchmark the market and evaluate competitor strategies. Leverage your insights to gain a clear competitive advantage.

We Deliver

A flexible economic model to assess any asset, company or market and gain valuable competitor insights. Evaluate sensitivity across a variety of parameters to guide investment strategies. Integrate production figures and cash flow information into your own system or access the tool on the web.

We Collaborate

We collaborate closely with our customers and other market players to ensure that we deliver high quality intelligence and advisory services in an efficient manner, and that we capture the key nuances of the market as they happen.


In a world drowning in data, maintaining a strategic market advantage has never been more important. Our Upstream Economic Model allows the user to create customized analysis by inputting their own assumption into the model. This cuts the noise, offering the robustness of our Upstream database (UCube) combined with the flexibility of adjusting parameters to match your own market view.

Features included

  • Transparent and fully editable valuation model

  • Customized estimating factors leverages cost data from 65,000 assets and 3,200 oil and gas companies to fit your project

  • Sensitivity analysis on a variety of parameters including commodity prices, discount rates, inflation, tax rates and currencies

  • Adjustable well and drilling parameters for shale/tight oil assets

  • Understand how tiebacks and tieback costs changes the commerciality of both the host and tied project

  • You can easily select if taxes should be calculated field-by-field, or consolidated at a contract or country level

Enables you to

  • Evaluate historical cost benchmarks across all geographies for oil and gas using our bottom-up coverage of 65,000 assets

  • Build customized estimating factors based on production profiles, fiscal regimes, prices, investments and operational costs

  • Create a detailed analysis utilizing all asset data from UCube on asset, company, country or portfolio level

  • Understand and customize fiscal regimes for all producing countries

  • Analysis of asset, company or portfolio in one file

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