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Make informed decisions, quickly and accurately, in the rapidly evolving wind energy sector through bottom-up data, topical analytics and advisory services. Levering arguably the most complete global dataset, Rystad Energy is uniquely positioned to provide deep insight into the Renewables sector, comprising utility solar, wind and storage.

We Provide

We provide comprehensive insights and global coverage.

We Deliver

We deliver granular, bottom-up data, reports and regular commentaries at project, company and country-level, covering the key equipment suppliers and main service providers.

We Collaborate

We collaborate with clients on developing strategies, market and asset assessments in the solar industry, and provide support to ensure informed decisions are made based on benchmarking, deal screening and valuation.


Features included

  • More than 90000 assets covering more than 187 countries broken down by continent, region, country and province
  • Complete overview of the project pipeline from concept to operating, capacity and storage duration
  • EPC market analysis with capacity, contractor pipeline and commissioned year
  • Battery manufacturer overview and analysis
  • Investment, acquisition and divestment analysis

Enables you to

  • Get access to global storage and infrastructure projects and players, including all details related to project ownership, development stage, capacity, storage duration and more.
  • Benchmark the competitive landscape for developers, battery manufacturers and service providers, and evaluate storage and infrastructure project economics.
  • Analyze historical and future global capacity and its economics by country, company, operator or the development cycle.
  • Benchmark the competitive landscape, perform deal screening within the storage and infrastructure sector, analyze company portfolios and identify targets for acquisitions or farm-ins.
  • Access key information on the infrastructure and storage supply chain, such as which battery manufacturers are contracted for future projects and which company has the highest market share.


Features included

  • Deep dive reports – comprehensive overview of recent market activities, and important developments in the global storage industry
  • Asset Reports and Factsheets – high quality in-depth analysis on major projects
  • Utility Wind commentaries – frequent commentaries on industry trends and events

Enables you to

  • Get timely, relevant and comprehensive overview of the global storage market sector
  • Access topical reports and analysis from leading industry experts
  • Stay-up-to-date on the latest trends and events in the market
  • Leverage a global network of industry experts
  • Develop strategic decisions based on facts and analysis
  • Access our online library of storage analysis and insights.

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Renewable Energy Analytics


  • Preparing interactive client workshops using our global datasets to efficiently review company portfolios and jointly develop an extensive list of opportunities
  • Identifying new business development opportunities in a structured, comprehensive and creative manner
  • Forecasting studies on how the storage and infrastrucutre sector will evolve over the next three to five years
  • Conducting qualitative and quantitative research for market assessments from micro to macro
  • Benchmarking operational excellence and organizations across the value chain
  • Benchmarking storage and infrastrucutre cost and value creation
  • Delivering valuation work and feasibility assessments to define a short list of opportunities for clients to pursue
  • Understanding the Renewables, Energy Transition and wider Energy market for strategy development across all energy verticals