Infrastructure & Storage

Energy storage technologies are transforming the global power mix – make informed decisions, quickly and accurately, in this rapidly evolving sector  

We provide comprehensive insights and global coverage of energy storage, including batteries and pumped hydro.  

We deliver frequently updated datasets for clients to analyze at project, company and country-level, covering the key developers, project costs, development timeframes and battery manufacturers. Our analytics library includes regular commentaries on global and regional trends and topical events. Clients can connect with our experts and global network of analysts. Our Energy Storage Solution is an integral part of our Renewable Suite, covering solar, wind and energy storage.  

We collaborate with clients on developing strategies, market and project assessments, and provide support to ensure informed decisions are made.

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A global energy storage database of projects and key industry player enables clients to analyze global trends in transformational technologies, including batteries, pumped hydro and hydrogen. Data includes project ownership, development stage, capacity, storage duration, battery manufacturer, EPC providers, approval status, key milestone dates and location. 

Perform spatial analysis on electricity grids and use the latest data visualization tools to identify new areas for project developments.  

Quickly and easily see which battery manufacturer is contracted for future projects and which has the highest market share.


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Access a library of regularly published reports and commentaries from our leading analysts, including analytics on key events and deals in the global energy storage sector. A quarterly report provides the latest views on important developments and trends in this rapidly transforming sector.  

Alerts are sent to clients' inbox when reports and commentaries are released, which can be accessed through our client portal and via our App.


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Get answers to complex questions and assistance in successful decision-making on strategic challenges. We help clients achieve their goals through a continuous, transparent dialog – before, during and after our engagement. 

We can assist customers with assessments and provide detailed forecasts for the energy storage sector, identifying new business development opportunities in a structured, comprehensive and creative manner. We prepare interactive client workshops using our global datasets. 

Based on industry interviews and our understanding of the market, we outline our forecasts of how the energy storage sector will evolve over the next three to five years.