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RenewableCube (Infrastructure & Storage)

What is it?

A data tool with granular coverage of utility solar sector, including country, company and project level detail. Powered by a global team, it provides the most up to date dataset. Utilize its visualization capacity to map, chart, tabulate or export data to make the best decisions

What can I achieve?

Quickly and easily analyze grids and identify utility storage opportunities. Utilize the RenewableCube as the essential resource to make the best informed data driven decisions.

Who is it for?

E&P companies
Project developers & utilities
Engineering, procurement & construction companies
Equipment suppliers & contractors
Governments and governmental agencies
Consulting and advisory firms
Research institutions

Project Analysis

Identify proposed new large-scale storage projects in your region of operation.

Battery Manufacturer Analysis

Access daily updated datasets to identify global hotspots and to monitor your global market share.

Investment Analysis

Identify the best projects or companies that match your investment criteria.

Risk Analysis

Use the data tool and spatial, mapping to understand the risk profile of each asset.

Fiscal & Regulatory Analysis

Benchmark and forecast the levels of investment in large scale batteries and pumped hydro going forwards.

Asset Analysis

Access a comprehensive overview to understand each utility scape renewable project.

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