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Get insight into the evolution of local and global power markets through our bespoke analysis from industry experts in our advisory department.

We Provide

We provide comprehensive insights and global coverage of the power sector.

We Deliver

We deliver granular, bottom-up data, reports and regular commentaries at project, company and country-level, covering key insights on understanding power markets

We Collaborate

We collaborate with clients on developing strategies, market and asset assessments in the power sector, and provide support to ensure informed decisions are made based on benchmarking, deal screening and valuation.


Features included

  • Historical generation capacity for all major countries
  • Power generation by source
  • Power demand forecast out to 2050 split by sector
  • Growth in renewable generation capacity
  • Carbon emissions by country
  • Need for new capacity in each country

Enables you to

  • Understand how electricity demand will evolve over the next 30 years
  • Explore a global overview of power generation
  • Identify the need for new power generation capacity
  • Quantify the reduction on fossil-fueled power generation capacity
  • Examine current and potential power sector emissions

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Features included

Power Analytics provides an online suite of reports and articles covering a wide range of topics within the power sector. The analysis helps clients keep track of policy developments, understand recent developments in some of the major electricity markets and get an overview of major investments in the sector. 

Enables you to

  • Get an overview of recent price developments in major electricity markets
  • Track monthly power generation by source
  • Follow dark and spark spreads to understand which are the most competitive sources of generation in each region
  • Get an update on the most recent policies that affect the power sector
  • In focus section with coverage on key technologies

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Power Analytics


  • Drivers of change and uncertainty in power markets are both of global and local nature. Rystad Energy tracks all power generation sources from a global perspective, analyzing the competitiveness of solar PV, offshore wind, gas, coal and other power sources on a continuous basis. We combine our insight and knowledge from these global trends and perspectives with local knowledge on existing infrastructure and energy policies. 
  • Our advisory service is powered by proprietary asset-level data on power plants, which allows us to swiftly and realistically provide an outlook on the future power mix. Our services can help clients to identify the potential growth in installed renewable capacity and also the future need for conventional energy sources (i.e. gas, coal and nuclear) as well as storage. In this way, a stable power supply can be ensured by backing the intermittency of renewable power generation. 
  • Rystad Energy forecasts the power mix for all countries worldwide, by examining government policies and creating differing scenarios on the development of renewable energy and the decommissioning of capacity from conventional sources. Understanding the global power mix also enables us to provide accurate gas and coal demand forecasts at country-level.