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Power Analytics

What is it?

Power Analytics provides an online suite of reports and articles covering a wide range of topics within the power sector. The analysis helps clients keep track of policy developments, understand recent developments in some of the major electricity markets and get an overview of major investments in the sector.

What can I achieve?

  • Get an overview of recent price developments in major electricity markets
  • Track monthly power generation by source
  • Follow dark and spark spreads to understand which are the most competitive sources of generation in each region
  • Get an update on the most recent policies that affect the power sector
  • In focus section with coverage on key technologies

Who is it for?

  • Energy companies
  • Financials and Investors
  • Utilities
  • Large electricity consumers
  • Governments and governmental agencies
  • Consulting and advisory firms
  • Research Institutions

Monthly Reports

Comprehensive monthly reports providing a complete overview of the key drivers in the power markets.

Presentations and Videos

Library of keynotes, event- and webinar presentations, as well as recordings

Regular commentaries

Frequent commentaries on key topics affecting the power sector

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