Rystad Energy - Energy Knowledge House
Rystad Energy - Energy Knowledge House


What is it?

A strategic analysis tool that enables you to have a comprehensive overview on: 

  • Historical generation capacity for all major countries
  • Power generation by source
  • Power demand forecast out to 2050 split by sector
  • Growth in renewable generation capacity
  • Carbon emissions by country
  • Need for new capacity in each country

What can I achieve?

  • Understand how electricity demand will evolve over the next 30 years
  • Explore a global overview of power generation
  • Identify the need for new power generation capacity
  • Quantify the reduction on fossil-fueled power generation capacity
  • Examine current and potential power sector emissions

Who is it for?

  • Energy companies
  • Financials and Investors
  • Utilities
  • Large electricity consumers
  • Governments and governmental agencies
  • Consulting and advisory firms
  • Research Institutions

Power Generation Analysis

Explore and analyze the total power generation globally and per country

Installed capacity

Assess installed capacity per year and energy category

Capacity factor by energy category analysis

Comprehensive energy category analysis per country


Examine renewables vs fossil vs nuclear generation

Direct emissions

Analyze power sector emissions

Power demand by sector

Compare power demand by sector

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