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CCS and Hydrogen

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Gain insights into the CCS and Hydrogen markets supplying the energy transition. 

We Provide

We provide a complete overview of the emerging service markets within the energy sector. It offers a full overview of buyer and supplier markets in the CCS and hydrogen segments. Users can build their analysis around the Rystad Energy approach, comprising bottom-up, project-by-project data. Areas of coverage include investments, service purchases, supplier information, infrastructure, and project details on historical and forecasted activity.

We Deliver

We deliver a complete set of analytics covering the main supply chain trends within CCS and hydrogen markets. It provides readers with a complete overview of investments trends, buyers, suppliers, market shares and future demand for services and equipment.

We Collaborate

We collaborate with both suppliers and investors in understanding regional market trends, the player landscape and more, and we help E&Ps to benchmark performance relative to peers.


Understand the full overview of buyer and supplier markets in the CCS and hydrogen segments

Features included

  • Investment trends for CCS and hydrogen 
  • Complete bottom-up coverage of thousands of projects 
  • Project details including infrastructure, purchases and awards 
  • Coverage of hundreds of buyers and suppliers of services and equipment 
  • Buyers’ budgets, energy service purchases, awards and supplier revenues

Enables you to

  • Conduct extensive analysis of the CCS and hydrogen markets, including investments, technology and projects 
  • Study the supplier landscape and market shares, including contracts, manufacturing capacity and alliances
  • Review the transportation and storage infrastructure and where new infrastructure can be put in place

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Stay up to date with the latest trends and details on the CCS and Hydrogen markets with our detailed reports and topical commentaries, prepared by leading industry experts, along with our vast series of readymade factsheets.

Features included

  • Bi-annual report on CCS and hydrogen in the energy industry
  • Investments and service purchases related to CCS and hydrogen markets
  • Energy transition initiatives by service companies
  • Newly announced projects within CCS and hydrogen

Enables you to

  • Enhance your procurement strategies 
  • Develop in-depth market intelligence 
  • Stay up to speed on market developments through frequent analysis and insights 
  • Lift strategic planning to the next level 

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  • By combining our clients' inhouse data with our proprietary data, we can create powerful benchmarking tools across CCS and Hydrogen disciplines. 
  • We support investors in understanding market opportunities in what is characterized as a fragmented and regional player landscape, opening up opportunities for consolidation across both regions and segments.