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What is it?

CCSandHydrogenCube is a complete database covering emerging service markets within the energy sector. It offers a full overview of buyer and supplier markets in the CCS and hydrogen segments. Users can build their analysis around the Rystad Energy approach, comprising bottom-up, project-by-project data. Areas of coverage include investments, service purchases, supplier information, infrastructure, and project details on historical and forecasted activity.

What can I achieve?

Stay on top of fast-changing service markets and supply chains within new energy segments including CCS and hydrogen
Analyze investment trends and the player landscape
Track M&A deals and other moves taken by suppliers angling to embrace new markets
Assess project details and demand for future infrastructure

Who is it for?

Service companies
Energy company procurement departments
Banks, investors and funds
Consulting and advisory firms

Analyze CO2 transportation

Access the global infrastructure transporting CO2 either by pipelines, ships or trucks. Understand their transportation capacity, operator, pipeline pressure, diameter, distance, and identify them on the map.

Study CCS and hydrogen costs

Track the overall CCS and electrolyzer costs or break it down to the single project and study it across capex and opex and the demand for services, globally, or in certain regions.

Track the demand for wells used in CO2 storage or utilization

Study the demand for CO2 injection or monitoring wells for dedicated storage or enhanced oil recovery that is driven by upcoming projects and captured volumes.

Assess the supply side of hydrogen

Analyze the market share of hydrogen service providers, by manufacturing capacity or contracts landed and identify which companies are on a rise in various segments and regions

Analyze Hydrogen and CCS activity at asset level

Study green, blue and grey hydrogen projects and existing hydrocarbon pipelines that can be repurposed for hydrogen transportation. Identify carbon capture and storage projects along the whole value chain – from capture units, to transportation modes and to storage sites.

Survey the player landscape for CCS

Get a comprehensive view of suppliers and the technology being used by developers. Review track records, procurement trends and market shares within the CCS market.

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