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Cost Dynamix

What is it?

Our Cost Solution provides cost and price intelligence through analytics, data, and advisory services focusing on benchmarking, estimating, and inflation. Our views on costs and prices are channeled through thematic reports, detailed factsheets, a steady flow of commentaries, and bottom-up databases that are updated monthly.

What can I achieve?

You can analyze comprehensive project cost and service prices through targeted field benchmarks, customizable project estimates, and detailed service, labor, material, and equipment inflation coverage. All forecasts are transparent, customizable, and activity sensitive.

Who is it for?

Built to support workflows for: Energy Companies; Service Companies; Banks and Investors; Government Institutions; Advisory & Research Firms

Service Price Inflation

Understand price inflation risks and near-term activity changes across all service markets

Cost Benchmarking

Benchmark asset-level capex and opex across consistent segments and geographies for activity and production related spend

Prospect Cost Estimating

Customize estimates based on field data, flowrates, production and concept; supports Class 4 and 5 estimates using a factored estimate methodology

Customize inflation

From 1,000s of regional indices, evaluate monthly pricing and blend together indices across regions and currencies to create customized pricing trends

Transparent Field Details

Access detailed reports on every included asset

Labor Market Trends

Thousands of regional trade-specific labor demand, supply and rates

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