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Cost Benchmarking Dynamix

What is it?

Cost Benchmarking DynamiX is an online database that tracks every single dollar being spent on recent and upcoming projects to provide field-level cost benchmarking intelligence.

What can I achieve?

Analyze field-level project cost performance by expenditure type, segment, geography and other parameters.

Who is it for?

Built to support workflows for:
Energy Companies;
Service Companies;
Banks and Investors;
Government Institutions;
Advisory & Research Firms

Field-level benchmarks

Benchmark field-level costs for offshore, onshore and LNG projects

Tender pricing

Understand potential operator budgets within select geographies before you tender

Internal cost assessments

Evaluate internal project cost performance against industry norms

Anchor tenders

Anchor tenders to best-in-class project cost performance from similar, historical or upcoming projects

Identify cost savings opportunities

Identify internal cost savings opportunities by understanding detailed industry cost performance 

Transparent comparisons

Completely transparent view of field-level cost performance

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