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Rystad Energy - Energy Knowledge House

Price Inflation Analytics (Shale)

What is it?

Price Inflation Analytics – Shale provides price intelligence across 150+ segments focusing on labor, materials, equipment, manufacturing, construction and more. Our views on price inflation are channeled through thematic reports, detailed factsheets, and a steady flow of commentaries.

What can I achieve?

You can understand comprehensive service prices and run risk scenarios for:
and more

Who is it for?

Built to support workflows for:

Energy Companies,
Service Companies,
Banks and Investors,
Government Institutions,
Advisory & Research Firms.

Thematic Reports

Reports diving into:

Shale service price inflation
Segment specific pricing
50+ segment category supply v demand

Factsheet Library

Thousands of regularly updated factsheets covering:

Project details,
Operator spend,
Supplier revenues,
Regional market trends

Regular Commentaries

Frequent insights about market impact of industry events and deep-dives into industry trends.

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