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Price Inflation DynamiX (Oil and Gas)

What is it?

Price Inflation DynamiX - Oil and Gas is an online database that tracks price inflation impacting every single dollar being spent in the oil and gas industry.

What can I achieve?

Analyze service price inflation for all oilfield service segments across all geographies in the upstream, midstream and downstream markets. Also, perform pricing risk scenarios by transparently customizing our price and activity sensitive forecasts.

Who is it for?

Built to support workflows for:
Energy Companies;
Service Companies;
Banks and Investors;
Government Institutions;
Advisory & Research Firms


Develop bid strategies by analyzing regional price fluctuations


Benchmark historical contracts to understand pricing

Requisition requests

Customize estimates based on field data, flowrates, production and concept; supports Class 4 and 5 estimates using a factored estimate methodology

Request for quote

Anchor price expectations using custom indices

Risk evaluation

Eliminate risk through index-based contracting

Execute Contracts

Transparent market data enables 'fair' pricing

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