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What is it?

LandRigCube is a comprehensive onshore rig demand & supply database covering all aspects of the land rig market. LandRigCube provides complete, bottom-up, rig by rig data with technical specifications and locations for more than 8,000 drilling units, 300 drilling contractors, and historical and forecasted rig demand for both the upstream and geothermal sector from year 2005-2030. The database also includes historic and forecasted service purchases related to the global onshore rig market and suppliers' revenues.

What can I achieve?

Explore the global supply of drilling rigs, their locations, technical specifications and owners.
Identify upcoming opportunities in the local and global drilling market for the upstream and geothermal sector.
Analyze market shares and benchmark your activity against industry competition.
Build strategy and make decisions for rig new building activity
Understand trends in the onshore rig market, benchmark your fleet against competitors, and support finance-raising activity.
Assess operator's short, medium and long-term capex and opex budget forecasts on land rigs.

Who is it for?

Drilling contractors
E&P Procurement Departments
Oilfield Service Companies
Investors and financial institutions
Consulting and advisory firms

Screen for opportunities

Analyze the global demand for land rigs. Use the tool to understand which operators and countries will have highest demand for drilling rigs over the coming years.

Analyze the global rig portfolio

Explore the global portfolio of drilling rigs, their locations, technical specifications and owners.

Geothermal rig demand

Understand the global demand for drilling services in the geothermal space. Use the tool to identify upcoming opportunities in the geothermal market, which operators and regions that will require drilling rigs for geothermal wells over the coming years.

Land Rig Spending

Assess operators’ historical and forecasted CAPEX and OPEX spending on land rigs for both the geothermal and upstream sector. Run detailed analysis by geography, operator, and the key projects driving the investments.

Contractor Revenues

Compare rig contractor's market shares by revenues and fleet sizes.

Fleet Lists

Explore our rig by rig fleet list for detailed specifications on contractors' rig fleet in terms of power ratings, depth ratings, hook loads and rig locations.

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