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What is it?

SeismicCube is an online database which tracks every single dollar being spent in the seismic market. SeismicCube it used to address the trends across all seismic and G&G segments in monetary terms. It includes service purchases and revenues for more than 65,000 energy projects and analyzes 2,400 buyers budgets and suppliers.

What can I achieve?

Explore global seismic expenditures by segment, geography and development solution
Understand trends, development and size of individual seismic service markets
Obtain and benchmark revenue outlook for seismic service market players
Get an immediate overview of service buyers portfolios and their future spending plans
Track contracts and utilizations

Who is it for?

Oilfield Service Companies
Oil and gas companies: Procurement and supply chain analysis
Financial market: Investors, investment banking, equity research and M&A
Governments and governmental agencies
Consulting and advisory firms

Study macro trends

Split the Offshore Seismic spend into macro trend and drivers to extract the right overview for your query. Plus, select one specific operator or segment to see their needs going forward.

Analyze seismic vessel

Get a detailed overview of the current supply of seismic vessels and their locations. You can also use the tool to analyze seismic vessel utilization rates, survey durations, distance sailed and more.

Benchmark and analyze the different suppliers in this sector

Analyze and compare historic success in the markets and the different sub-segments. Which company in your peer group will grow more and capture a higher market share is based on the growth potential for each segment in each region.

Analyze details of historical and current operations

Find details of historical and current operations of any given vessel and explore their survey locations as well as other parameters.

Review the licence rounds by award year

Get a detailed overview of historical and upcoming license rounds by award year, discovered resources, licensed acreage and more.

Evaluate oil price sensitivity

Understand the impact of oil price sensitivity on E&P activity going forward and the changes in demand for different service segments globally

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