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ServiceCube (Suppliers)

What is it?

ServiceSupplyCube is an online database which tracks revenues earned by companies in the energy service market. ServiceSupplyCube it used to understand market share by regions and segments. It includes revenues of more than 500 suppliers across the energy sectors.

What can I achieve?

Explore revenues by segment and geography
Understand market size of individual service markets
Obtain and benchmark revenue outlook for energy service market players
Get an overview of suppliers revenues from various energy sectors

Who is it for?

Service Companies
Energy companies: Procurement and supply chain analysis
Financial market: Investors, investment banking, equity research and M&A
Governments and governmental agencies
Consulting and advisory firms

Analyze company Market share

Compare historic and future market shares for any supplier by segment and geography.

Deep dive into a specific company

Zoom into a specific company to identify key drivers and projects.

Assess sensitivity to oil price

Understand the impact of oil price change on companies, segment and geographies.

Study any contract awards and order in take

List all awards and order intake, by categorizing it by your own criteria.

Quantify and Benchmark backlog and execution

Identify project by project the volume of work executed and still in the backlog.

Understand and rank M&A activity

Assess any transaction in detail and benchmark them against any other deals globally.

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