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OffshoreWindCube (Surface Facilities)

What is it?

OffshoreWindCube is a database which covers historical and upcoming wind projects, offering time series for capacity, turbines, foundations, cables and offshore substations. All forecasts are derived from our bottom-up, project-by-project research, tracking all offshore wind farms from early concept through award, start-up and decommissioning.

What can I achieve?

Understand the historical and future installations of wind projects globally
Analyze trends and size of any offshore wind market on foundations, cables, turbines and substations
Identify geographies and target operators based on future demand
Examine technology trends and development plans for specific countries or operators

Who is it for?

Energy service companies
Energy companies: Procurement and supply chain analysis
Financial market: Investors, investment banking, equity research and M&A
Governments and governmental agencies
Consulting and advisory firms

Annual capacity additions by region

Research the demand for offshore wind components by geography, component type, number of units, and much more

Foundation additions (2020) by concept

Understand global offshore wind activity in terms of installed capacity, turbines, foundations and offshore substations.

Turbine inventory by status, top manufacturers

Learn about key suppliers of each component and their market share on a global, regional and national level

2025E capacity build-up by current status

Track project developments, timelines and current status, from early concept to decommissioning across countries, operators and supplier

US East Coast offshore wind farm locations (2025) and location of supply chain activity

Study geographic locations for wind farms around the world with several map layers including wind spend, wave height, maritime borders and many more.

LCOE for European offshore wind farms from 2010 to 2030

Study offshore wind economics through detailed cost and LCOE analysis to understand how competitive the energy sources are.

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