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What is it?

FPSOCube is a global database covering the market for floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels. FPSOCube includes historical and future FPSO awards, service purchases, details on current orders, leasing suppliers and technical specifications. Driven by our bottom-up, field-by-field research and supplemented by FPSO-specific research.

What can I achieve?

Screen for future FPSO projects
Analyze service purchase trends in detail
Explore orderbook details including buyers, main suppliers, shipyards and vessel specifications
Analyze top FPSO leasing suppliers by fleet size and revenue, and explore supplier-buyer relationships
Understand technical specifications, regional differences and operator preferences

Who is it for?

FPSO suppliers
Field operators
EPC suppliers
Equipment suppliers
Consulting and advisory firms
Banks, investors and funds

Screen for opportunities

FPSOCube can be used to analyze upcoming FPSO projects. Understand which operators have ongoing or upcoming FPSO tenders up to 2030. Focus your search for opportunities by region, water depth, field type, investment levels and other field-related characteristics.

Deep dive into segment-level service purchases

Get a better understanding of FPSO related EPCI service purchases by analyzing project purchases broken down into more than 15 service segments. Identify trends for specific products and services.

Explore the current FPSO orderbook

Find all FPSOs under construction to identify activity levels for the main FPSO contractors and field operators. Identify shipyard activity, including detailed work scopes for all FPSOs under construction.

Analyze the supply side

Analyze the market share of top FPSO suppliers by fleet sizes or revenues. Identify top suppliers by region and supplier-buyer relationships, both for producing units and for units under construction.

Assess backlog execution by company

Assess cash flow from FPSO leasing contracts by company to understand which players have vessels coming off contract and which have vessels coming on contract.

Technical analysis

Analyze technical specifications of the global FPSO fleet, or do so by region, operator or FPSO owner. Understand changes in oil production capacity and storage capacity, as well as mooring configurations, conversions and vessel age.

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