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What is it?

VesselCube is a global database for Offshore Vessel demand and supply. The database consists of historical and future vessel demand from platforms, rigs, subsea and offshore wind installations which can be split along several market dimensions. It is driven by bottom-up data on rig demand, SURF lines, subsea trees and offshore wind turbines and substations, etc.

What can I achieve?

Understand the drivers of the offshore vessel market.
Get a complete overview of global trends.
Find IMR and O&M opportunities by exploring the installed base of various infrastructure within the offshore space.
Explore upcoming developments that are not yet sanctioned.
Understand the demand from different components in upcoming projects.

Who is it for?

Managers and strategists focusing on the supply chain for offshore vessel markets:

Engineering, procurement, and construction companies.
Equipment and service suppliers.
Project developers.
Consulting and advisory firms.
Banks, investors, and funds.

Screen for opportunities

VesselCube can be used to analyze the global Vessel demand. Understand which regions will have the highest demand for Vessels over the coming years, and which job types or vessel types will represent the demand. Identify which operational environment and in which segments demand will grow going forward.

Sensitize the demand side using oil price exposure

VesselCube can be used to understand how the vessel market is affected by different oil price scenarios. Remove projects with high breakeven prices to see downside in a low oil price scenario.

Analyze IMR and O&M activities

Find IMR and O&M opportunities by exploring the installed base of various infrastructure within the offshore space.

Analyze the supply side

VesselCube can be used to get an overview of the current supply of vessels and their locations. You can use the tool to analyze a vessel owner’s fleet and to inspect equipment specs for different vessel types.

Get an overview of the vessel demand drivers

The Vessel demand perspective is built bottom-up from data on rig demand, platform counts, cables, pipelines, subsea trees, manifolds, turbines, foundations, substations, etc. These vessel demand drivers can be viewed in the Offshore Vessel dashboard and split along several dimensions.

Study vessel spending and revenues​

Study historical and future trends for vessel purchases and get an overview of the market size in different regions. Study revenues of top vessel companies and analyze the market share between suppliers.

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