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Analyze the wind supply chain by breaking down supply and demand for wind turbines, towers, foundations and EPC.

We Provide

We provide a complete overview of supply and demand for wind turbines, from materials to blades and nacelles as well as the installation and service market for wind energy projects. Users can acquire wind supplier intelligence channeled through thematic reports, a steady flow of commentaries, and a bottom-up database of all manufacturing plants and energy projects globally. Clients can connect with our leading industry experts and go deeper through customized advisory services.

We Deliver

We deliver a complete set of analysis covering the wind energy supply chain, including historical and future investments, contract awards, service purchases, prices and cost formation, supplier information, and project activities.

We Collaborate

We collaborate with suppliers, service providers, developers, and the vast industry network that Rystad Energy has across all energy sectors to provide our users with the most up-to-date data and analysis of the wind supplier market during this period of rapid expansion.


Understand wind energy supply and demand by analyzing the wind supplier market, from turbines to EPC.

Features included

  • Annual capacity and shipment analysis of turbine, nacelle and blade providers, with volumes derived from the manufacturing plant level and up
  • Global coverage of expenditure (capex and opex), with bottom-up, project-by-project data
  • Historical installation time series of capacity, as well as forecasted wind demand under different energy scenarios
  • Supplier information and market share for all related components and infrastructure

Enables you to

  • Study the wind supplier market, including turbine capacity per manufacturing plant and region. Learn about the key suppliers for each component and their market share on a global, regional and national level.
  • Understand price formation and cost drivers for wind projects.
  • Analyze demand patterns for wind projects, such as turbine sizes, geographies, developers, and foundation type.
  • Track historical contract awards and the relationships between suppliers and buyers.
  • Identify installation opportunities by looking at annual additions under different energy scenarios.
  • Track emissions across the wind supply chain.

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Stay up-to-date on all aspects of the global wind supplier market through our extensive family of detailed reports and our steady flow of value-adding commentaries, along with our vast series of ready-made factsheets.

Features included

  • Wind Supply Chain Report – covering important trends and outlook for the offshore and onshore wind market
  • Project Factsheets – providing a quick overview of the key characteristics and technical details for all wind farms globally, in an easy-to-digest format
  • Commentaries – frequent insights into current trends and industry events, with both macro overviews and deep-dives into topics related to the wind energy industry
  • Access to analysts – providing product support and training, in addition to discussions and further insights from Rystad Energy’s global team of experts

Enables you to

  • Get a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the global wind supplier market, powered by Rystad Energy’s proprietary databases.
  • Get instant access to key manufacturers’ production overview and expansion plans in an easy-to-digest format.
  • Browse through in-depth written analyses from leading industry experts covering current events and the latest trends in the industry.

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Wind Supplier Analytics


  • Our consulting work builds on a strong understanding of current activity and the project pipeline. As technology is developing rapidly and pushing costs lower, we maintain a close relationship with market participants to understand the outlook.
  • Our consultants work closely with the management of many stakeholders across all industry segments, providing support for strategy development, business planning and acquisition screening, among other assignments.