International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition


11. June 2022



EVS35 – The World’s Largest EV event this year Reducing emissions from the transportation sector is one of the fastest ways to combat climate change. Electrifying mobility is propelling new technologies, empowering consumers to take concrete action and is demanding politicians to take swift and concrete action. What will the future of electric mobility look like? And what are the biggest challenges for realizing zero emission transport on the road, at sea and in the air? The 13th-15th June, people from all over the world will travel to Oslo, the world’s leading player in electric transport, to participate in this year’s biggest EV conference.


Jarand Rystad

Founding Partner & CEO


Powering a zero emission future - will the grid collapse?

Monday, June 13, Main stage

A zero emission future is impossible without renewable energy. Are we building enough? Countries are still too dependent on fossil fuels. Furthermore, an increasing number of industries and sectors are demanding electricity. Will our grids collapse, or are we ready for the future? Hear from analysts and pioneers, and witness an enlightening panel about challenges related to grid connectivity and further construction of fast charging stations.


  • Jarand Rystad, CEO, Rystad Energy
  • Lawrence Jones, Vice President International Programs, Edison Electric Institute
  • Svein Kvernstuen, CEO, Beyonder
  • Jan Haugen Ihle, Regional Head of North-West Europe, IONITY
  • Guillermo J. Amann, Senior Advisor to the President at VELATIA
  • Philippe Vangeel, AVERE
  • Elia, TBC
  • Håkon Morken Linde, Grid planner, Elvia
  • Chris Peeters, CEO, Elia Group